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Staying active. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Mario Lopez opened up about juggling his career and fatherhood of three young children.

Gia Mazza was born to TV host and her wife Courtney Mazza in 2010.

Lopez told Extra that he almost missed the birth of his first child because “[she] called me and said, ‘I’m in labour,’ and I thought it was a practical joke. Then my mom and sister began bombarding me with phone calls to tell me, “It’s really happening.” It was the last flight of the day. We were in a hurry, but we managed to get it!

The California native, who wed the forty-year-old Mazza in 2012, referred to his wife as a “rock star” in light of the momentous occasion.

She was incredibly resilient and strong throughout it all. The amount of times I peeped over the edge was excessive, and for good reason; things were getting pretty intense in that area. He elaborated, “It was like something out of CSI. So I went back and out came this gorgeous baby girl. What a little gem she is. It all happened so fast, and it feels so unreal.

Dominic was born in 2013 and Santino in 2019. Lopez bragged that he had provided Mazza with “whatever she need[ed]” throughout their relationship.

Dominic was born in 2013 and Santino in 2019. Lopez bragged that he had provided Mazza with "whatever she need[ed]" throughout their relationship.

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Exclusively speaking to Us in May 2019, he said, “I always try to make sure she’s comfortable when she’s not pregnant, and even more so [when she is]. To paraphrase her mother: “She’s great, never complains, and has been really lucky not to get sick. Currently, she has a positive mood. Despite the fact that she is pregnant, she is beautiful to me. She manages to look stunning even while pregnant. I’d keep her pregnant forever if it were up to me, but I’m not going to have any of the babies.

Lopez and the actress have had to face some unforeseen challenges as parents as their children have grown older. In April 2021, the former Saved by the Bell star admitted that his daughter had recently witnessed him and Mazza engaging in sexual activity.

“It’s all about the quickie now,” he declared on Overserved With Lisa Vanderpump. The other day, our daughter burst in on us. The experience was incredibly harrowing. Quick as a flash, I whipped the covers off the bed. After declaring, “I’ve got to go talk to her,” no one could locate her for what seemed like an eternity.

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