The focus of the NIHD Healthy Lifestyle Talk is infusion therapy

You are cordially invited to today’s Healthy Lifestyle Talk: “Infusion Therapy Close to Home: Local Access to Management of Chronic and Acute Illnesses” by the Northern Inyo Healthcare District. This evening at 5:30 p.m., this virtual presentation is scheduled to begin.

The discussion includes many of the respected subject-matter experts from NIHD. Acute-Subacute RN and Clinical Staff Educator Christy McIntire, NIHD Internal Medicine physician Dr. Anne K. Wakamiya, NIHD Oncology Patient Navigator Rosie Graves, and Infusion Unit Manager Tammy Andersen, RN, BSN, will also be featured in this session.

Drugs are injected directly into a patient’s veins during infusion therapy, an alternative to oral medication. Infusion therapy has traditionally been used in hospitals for inpatient care. Hospitals are using infusion therapy more frequently in outpatient settings, particularly when dispensing monoclonal medications for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The NIHD Infusion Center debuted in the 2015 summer. The centre had to relocate to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit, close to the Surgical Suite area of NIHD, in order to make room for the building of a new pharmacy. The unit continues to be fully staffed with caring, experienced, and knowledgeable registered nurses who specialise in this kind of therapy.

The NIHD Infusion team also delivers antibiotics to fight infection, blood transfusions to treat anaemia, arthritis drugs to treat inflammation and joint pain, and other blood-based treatments in addition to cancer treatment medications.

The ongoing Healthy Lifestyle Talk Series of the NIHD includes this educational presentation. The presentations are free and open to the public. The talk will be delivered by NIHD in two formats:

Live streaming is available at You must sign in to YouTube in order to participate in the Q&A session there. If you don’t have a YouTube or Gmail account, it would be best to sign in to Zoom.

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