Mr. Olympia 2017: Dates, Schedule, Prize Money, Top Bodybuilders and Predictions

olympia 2017 dates

The 2017 Mr. Olympia competition is back in Las Vegas with another impressive field of bodybuilders who are each looking to dethrone the six-time Mr. Olympia champion, Phil Heath.After Thursday’s press conference, the judging is set to begin and a champion will be crowned on Saturday. Whether Heath wins the title of Mr. Olympia or not, history will be made this weekend. Event scheduleMr. Olympia JudgingWhen:Friday, Sept. 15Time:9 p.m. ETWhere:Orleans Arena, Las Vegas Mr. Olympia FinalsWhen:Saturday, Sept. 16Time:9 p.m. ETWhere:Orleans Arena, Las Vegas While this year’s prize money has not been announced, Heath did win $400,000 for his first-place finish a year ago, followed by Shawn Rhoden in second place ($150,000) and Dexter Jackson in third ($100,000).Let’s take a quick look at the main contenders in this year’s competition: Phil HeathHeath is a man who needs no introduction, but we’re going to do it anyway.Heath, 37, is by far the favorite to win his seventh-straight Mr. Olympia title, tying Arnold Schwarzenegger for the most titles of all-time. In his path to history are a couple of the world’s best bodybuilders who are looking to take throne as world champion.Kai Greene, one of his major rivals,is not participating in this year’s competition, however.As with the past couple of Mr. Olympia competitions, much attention has been focused not just on Heath and the rest of the field, but also upon who’s not competingprimarily Greene, who hasn’t shown any real indication he will be returning anytime soon.And Heath is fed up of hearing Greene’s name mentioned as this year’s Mr. Olympia is officially underway.While Greene may be the only man who stands a chance of taking down Heath, he isn’t competing. Heath is right, it’s time tofinallymove on from this rivalry.Brandon CurryBrandon Curry first competed professionally in bodybuilding in 2003, but he has been a formidable presence over the years and finally made the leap to Mr. Olympia qualification after winning the Arnold Classic.The 34-year-old is three years younger than Heath and also three inches shorter, standing at 5’6″. In bodybuilding, size does matter, but for Curry, he doesn’t necessarily have to win to still make a name for himself, as he’s been on a tear in 2017.Along with winning the Arnold Classic earlier this year in Brazil, Curry also won the IFBB New Zealand Pro back in March. A top-five finish is within reach for Curry if he can stand out this Saturday during competition.Dexter JacksonJackson is an ageless wonder.The 47-year-old is coming off a strong showing from last year’s Mr. Olympia, where he finished in third place just a year after he finished second in the competition back in 2015.He actually won the title in 2008 when he was considerably younger, but age is only a number for Jackson, who continues to prove why he is one of the sport’s all-time greatest competitors.Can Jackson defeat Heath’ Probably not. But that won’t stop him from trying. After all, who knows how much longer he could keep competing’ Maybe he’ll just never stop.PredictionIt’s a foregone conclusion at this point, especially with Greene missing in action again.Heath will win his seventh-straight Mr. Olympia title and tie Schwarzenegger for the all-time record.Jackson will put on another strong showing, but age will catch up with him this year. He will continue to chase Heath in an effort to recapture the glory of being the world’s best bodybuilder, but it won’t be enough as he settles for a second-place finish.


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