Bozeman’s female coffee shop owners praise the town’s welcoming atmosphere.Bozeman’s female coffee shop owners praise the town’s welcoming atmosphere.

Treeline Coffee Roasters is known for their excellent coffee and the care with which it is prepared and served.

Each and every one of Treeline’s shareholders are female.

We make an effort to help other women who own businesses. As a result, we collaborate with many female-run businesses, both locally and beyond (such as female coffee farmers). According to Natalie Van Dusen, the chief caffeinator at Treeline Coffee Roasters, “women empowering other women is always helpful.”

At least 38% of small businesses in the United States are now owned by women, according to the business financing website Lendio.

According to the United States Census Bureau, more than 500 businesses in Bozeman are owned by women.

According to Van Dusen, small business owners will find Bozeman an appealing location because of the city’s emphasis on community and its willingness to help its residents.

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A lot of people have said nice things about how accepting and encouraging the neighbourhood is of individuals following their own paths. “This is, without a doubt, the most entrepreneurial place I’ve ever lived,” Van Dusen has joked. Everyone comes here to strike out on their own, start a business, and find success.

Deejay Cook, bean ambassador, agrees that Bozeman stands out due to its plentiful resources.

To paraphrase what Cook had to say about Bozeman, “I think that it is always going to be a place for small businesses to thrive” provided the community continues to support each other and the small businesses growing within this expanding community.

Treeline Coffee Roasters is situated within Bozeman’s Whole Foods Market.

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