Black Fashion Council members pay homage to the diaspora through the use of crochet structured tops and denim

WESTERN NEW YORK — The IMG showroom on the fifth floor of Spring Studios was the site of African, Caribbean, and Black American magic from Saturday through Wednesday.

Designers like JEOFROI, Ellaé Lisqué, Mademette, TORLOWEI, Made By Ciriaco, Oak & Acorn, CISE, and more from the Black in Fashion Council. At New York Fashion Week, designers Sincerely Ria and Diotima successfully peddled opulence while also visualising the significance of giving back to your community through their collections.

The designers’ collections often reflected the designers’ personal histories and the struggles of people of colour worldwide to break into the fashion industry.

Look at what these companies are up to in the world of design.

A ‘new vision’ from Diotima

Designer Rachel Scott says, as Mr. Fingers’ house beat “Mystery of Love” plays in the background, that Diotima was created “with the intent to present a new vision of Caribbean style — one that is not nostalgic, but that is rooted in the craft that is made in Jamaica specifically and the rest of the Caribbean” and present it in a luxury setting.

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Aside from New York, Milan, London, and Paris have been the global fashion capitals of the present and the past. Since its inception in 2021, Diotima’s mission has been to “decenter the notion that luxury only comes from Europe.”

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All of the brand’s crochet is made in Jamaica, and it has “a very strong dance hall influence,” allowing customers a glimpse into the contemporary Caribbean through the designs. Not only do we offer cruises, but also. The intricate mesh and crochet patterns in the evening wear make you want to relax in the sun before heading to a candle-lit bar.

Affordably chic clothing is what JEOFROI is all about.

By contrast to Diotima, JEOFROI portrays luxury as excessive glitz, with sash feathers serving as the hem of garments, boleros featuring full-length gloves, and fun structured tops. The collection is reintroducing drama to the fashion industry, something that designers Jeff Taylor and Roy Carey-Ware say has been missing for a while.

Carey-Ware explains that the label specialised in “prêt-à-couture,” a hybrid of “prêt-à-porter” and “couture.” The ready-to-wear is elevated into the couture category by “adding different finishings to elevate the garment in a couture way.”

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